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Why You Should Pay Attention To This Barre Franchise!

05-28-2021 by Emily Hagen
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The Barre Code is a barre-based fitness and workout studio and an up-and-coming fitness franchise opportunity. 


What sets The Barre Code apart from its competitors is that they take a different approach to barre fitness. At The Barre Code, the focus is on what you can gain rather than what you have to lose. 

“I Came to Gain!”


This message of empowerment and self-love is a welcome change from the negative language more typically employed by the fitness industry (“lose weight,” “slim down,” “shred fat,” etc.). 


There is a notable consumer shift from working out for weight loss to working out for health and wellness. Brands that reflect that and use positive, inclusive messaging will most certainly experience more popularity and growth in the years to come. 


At The Barre Code, the supportive environment of women lifting each other up, in addition to an effective and addicting workout program, has drawn thousands of women to the program and created a close-knit community of lifelong clients.


One of The Barre Code Franchise's signature classes in action

A Low Investment Opportunity

The estimated initial investment provided in the franchise disclosure document (FDD) provides a range that includes the franchise fee and a high and low number for buildout costs, equipment, deposits, and everything you need to get your business up and open. 

Estimated Initial Investment*

Type of Expenditure 


Initial Franchise Fee


Initial Training Fee


Travel/Living while Training


Professional Fees (First Year)


Security Deposit and Rent (3 months)


Business Licenses, Permits, etc.


Architecture & Engineering Services


Leasehold Improvements


Furniture, Fixture and Equipment, and Millwork


Outdoor Signage


Telephone & Utility Deposits & Expenses


Point of Sale "POS" Register, Hardware, Software


Insurance Deposits & Premiums


Grand Opening Expenditure – Marketing


Music Licensing


Additional Funds (3 Months)




High Potential for ROI

You can also find the historical financial performance of certain outlets within the franchise within the FDD. This financial performance representation* is not a guarantee of your financial performance with The Barre Code, but it can provide invaluable insight into the possibilities of success as a franchisee. 





Gross Revenue:

 Membership & Classes & Other 


 Returns & Discounts 

Total Gross Revenue 

Cost of Gross Revenue:

 Instructor Costs 

Merch & Beverage

 Merchant Service Fees 

Total Cost of Gross Revenue 

















Gross Revenue less Total Cost of  Gross Revenue 

Estimated Royalty and Marketing 

Certain Operating Expenses:

 Manager Compensation 

 Contract Labor 

Payroll Tax/Service Fees

 Rent Expense 

 Other Studio Expenses 

 Office Expense 

 Insurance Expense 

 Other SG&A Expenses 





















Total Certain Operating Expenses

Gross Revenue less Cost of Gross Revenue less Total Certain Operating Expenses








*Information from the 2021 FDD


The Barre Code also has their own branded line of active wear as a second revenue stream!

A Supportive Franchise Model

What makes a successful fitness business? Well, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly. Many variables go into it, but one thing that will drastically improve your chance of success is the all-inclusive support offered by a franchisor like The Barre Code.


Support from The Barre Code spans areas such as:

  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiations and construction 
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Class programming
  • Ongoing operational support

Franchise With The Barre Code!

Join the movement of empowerment, inner strength, and positivity. The Barre Code is currently looking for new franchise owners to grow the brand and spread their message across the country. As a newly emerging franchise, plenty of prime territories are still available and ripe for the taking! Don’t wait—as the COVID vaccine becomes readily available, the demand for boutique fitness is expected to return with a bang. A franchise concept like The Barre Code is quickly becoming a hot commodity!


Franchise Now!


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