What Is Franchise123™?

We are changing the way Franchisors and Franchisees connect.

What Is Our “Why”?

Franchise123™ is your start-to-finish platform for franchise success! You’ll find everything you need to discover the right franchise opportunity for you all in one place, right here.

We believe in simplicity and transparency. In three easy to follow steps, Franchise123™ provides you with all of the resources you need to identify your path to success, research and compare franchise opportunities, and make a decision with confidence.

How do we create exponential growth:

Step 1: Identify

Is franchising right for you? While franchising is a form of business ownership, there are some key differences between franchising and entrepreneurship or starting a business from scratch. In this first step you’ll assess your business skills, identify your preferences, and determine your non-negotiables. You’ll also begin to compare different industries and identify which ones you are interested in.

Step 2: Research

Once you’ve identified that franchising is right for you and have a better idea of the type of franchise you are looking for, use your personalized franchise dashboard to compare brands, evaluate franchise models, review FDDs, and engage directly with franchisors and franchisees. This will help you narrow down your list of potential matches to your top 10 franchises.

Step 3: Decide

Here’s where the real work begins. Now that you’ve narrowed down your options, you can begin to engage with franchisors and franchisees. You’ll have all the tools you need to decide on a franchise opportunity to move forward with. Sign your franchise agreement and start forming concrete plans for your business with the guidance and support of the franchisor. It’s time to launch, grow, and thrive!

Why Franchise123™?

Comprehensive buying tools, such as Franchise123™, provide the buyer with the most complete, altruistic view of the entire franchise market landscape. With easy-to-access research and in-depth information about each brand at your fingertips, as well as a clear path to contacting franchisors, this type of buying experience provides the most well-rounded and objective approach. There are few services like this out there, but the benefits are immense.

The key differentiator of a comprehensive buying tool is that it allows you to research the brand and industry and begin the discovery process on your own before deciding to engage with the brand. If you are early on in the process of researching franchises, you are going to want to look at several so that you can compare and get an idea of what you are looking for. With traditional methods, this requires getting in contact with every brand and possibly facing high-pressure sales tactics from multiple directions.

With Franchise123™, you can learn about different franchise brands on your own time and at your own pace. No hassle, no pressure, and all of the information you need within your reach. As an added benefit, you can easily compare franchises side by side with key features such as ratings, investment information, and more conveniently listed for you.

Our method of purchasing a franchise is replacing the outdated and inefficient systems used until now. It’s more beneficial for the franchisee and more cost-effective for the franchisor.

Rather than selling you on a particular franchise, the goal of Franchise123™ is to find the franchise that is truly the right fit for you, regardless of what it is. Whereas most franchising websites are simply a tool for searching franchises, Franchise123™ is an all-inclusive guide that will help you not only discover franchises but work your way through the entire franchise purchasing process.

Many franchisors and brokerage sites will charge you for their franchise disclosure document, but you can view over 1,000 FDDs for free with Franchise123™.

Because there are no hefty brokerage fees or commissions, your franchise fee will go directly into the franchise system, where it will be used to further grow and develop the brand and help you drive more business!

Franchise123™ will help you narrow down your investment options, compare franchises side by side, view FDDs for free, and get started with the discovery process without having to jump through any unnecessary hoops.