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About TITLE Boxing Club               

At TITLE Boxing Club, we champion our members’ fighting spirit. Our workout formula is a transformative, full-body workout that helps people realize their full potential. With exercise classes that are the best hour of their day, our members keep coming back for more!
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As a new franchisee, your initial investment will vary depending on your specific market.
Your initial investment includes
1.  Initial franchise fees
2.  Equipment
3.  Real estate and construction
4.  Training costs
5. Marketing for your grand opening
6. Start-up business expenses
Networth: $400,000
Liquid: $100,000
Total Investment: $162,808 - $423,120
Initial Franchise Fee - $49,500
Royalty fee - 7.5%
Franchisee Ideal Skill Set:

You don’t need to have any business or fitness experience to own a TITLE Boxing Club, but if you plan on being an operating owner, experience in sales or management will be helpful. We have a robust franchisee training program covering everything you need to know to run your business successfully. You may also choose to hire a manager for your club, especially if you plan on purchasing multiple units.

Title Boxing Club is for investors. For fitness fanatics. For those willing to rise to the challenge and be a force of change. Title Boxing Club is for you. 

It's not just about running a business; it’s about helping people and enriching their lives. Get started with us today and start making a difference in your life and your community.



TITLE Boxing Club has experienced unprecedented growth in terms of membership and franchise locations opening across the country.
Boutique fitness is thriving in this day and age. Fitness consumers are willing to pay top dollar for effective, tailored classes in a motivating and enthusiastic environment.
As a TITLE Boxing Club owner, you’ll benefit from three different revenue streams:
1. Membership
2. Retail
3. Personal training
Thanks to industry trends and our proven business model, our franchisees have experienced unprecedented growth and a high ROI.
Average Monthly Revenue in 2019:
  • Locations open 0.1-1.9 years: $29,323
  • Locations open 2.0-3.9 years: $33,272
  • Locations open 4.0+ years: $36,910

Next Steps

1. Introductory Conversation and Brand Overview
2. Marketing, Operations, and Real Estate Overview
3. Franchisee Application and FDD
4. Franchise Experience Webinars
5. Discovery Day (Now Virtual!)
1. Signing the Franchise Agreement
2. Business Planning and Training
3. Real Estate and Construction Support
4. Pre-Sale Membership Marketing Support
5. Hiring, Recruitment, and Training
6. Grand Opening
1. Business planning
2. Digital and Community Marketing
3. Real Estate and Construction
4. Hiring, Recruitment, and Training
5. Technology and Operations
6. Lead Generation, Tracking, and Sales
7. PR and Guest Experience
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