What Is Franchise123?

We are changing the way Franchisors and Franchisees connect.

What Is Our “Why”?

Franchise123 recognizes the immense opportunity that franchising provides. However, the difficulty in researching, marketing, and purchasing a franchise needs an overhaul. With traditional startup franchisors having limited options to sell their franchises, they often get stuck with large fees and an inefficient process at best. It's our objective to change that by providing more opportunities for franchisors and a better buying experience for franchisees. Franchisors and franchisees deserve a better and more efficient buying experience in a free marketplace. The American Dream is embedded deep inside the franchising industry and we are here to help you find it!
How do we create exponential growth:
Sales Strategy and Execution: Franchise123 provides a start to finish acquisition process for our brand partners. We were founded with the needs of our clients top of mind. We create and execute an organic sales solution, align the goals and vision of brand partners, and ultimately decrease the cost of new franchise acquisition. Digital Sales Platform: Franchise123 has developed an industry-leading digital sales platform that makes the franchise buying experience pristine from start to finish for all parties involved. Our objective is to attract the highest quality leads at the most cost-effective price, all while ensuring that the buyer's experience is first class. Our digital platform serves three main clientele in franchising: we serve the prospective buyer of a franchise, the franchisor, and the parties looking to become educated in franchising. Brand and Strategic Partners: Franchise123 has an industry-leading advisory board as well as strategic partners with franchise consultants making up over 1000 years of franchising experience.
Data Consortium: Franchise123 has developed an industry-leading data consortium, centralizing the most critical and inclusive franchise data available. Franchise123 is a one-stop-shop for franchise growth, franchise acquisition, and industry-leading data. Client Engagement Process: Franchise123 has developed a client engagement process that de-risks franchisors, resulting in a relationship of truly aligned interests. Marketing Platform and Strategy: Franchise123 has developed a digital and offline marketing platform that leads the industry in lead generation, lead cost, sales qualification, and franchise development. Data Collection Process: Franchise123 has developed a data collection strategy and process that leads the industry, providing a unique tool for all franchises to develop and grow within their strategic plan.