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Franchise Reports

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The nature of home services makes this industry ideal for franchisees. It provides the opportunity that many people are looking for to start their own business on their own terms and maybe even work from a home base. As a type of business that is always in demand, these franchises offer the chance to receive a regular income that is relatively unaffected by economic conditions in the country and often doesn’t need a large start-up investment.

10-18-2021 / by Robert Bell
Franchise Reports

Your Ultimate Guide to the Franchise Disclosure Document

Once you decide to learn more about a specific franchise opportunity, you will be provided with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) at least 14 days before paying franchise fees or signing any contracts. But what exactly is an FDD, and what do you do with it?


08-26-2021 / by Emily Hagen
Franchise Reports

The Way Ahead for Fitness Franchises in the Post-COVID Business World

We live in a world where more importance is placed on being healthy and looking good than ever before. The widespread popularity of social media, the huge appeal of celebrity influencers, and the easy availability of online fitness advice are some of the modern developments that have helped to shape the current fitness market into a large, successful part of the economy.

08-11-2021 / by Robert Bell