Franchise Spotlight

Franchise Spotlight

Franchisees Top Spa Franchise Opportunities

With a 200% growth rate in the past decade, the massage industry has never been more lucrative. Now is an exciting time to get started in this booming segment of the wellness market.

12-07-2021 / by Olujinmi Oluwatoni
Franchise Spotlight

Which Franchise Has The Best Fast-food Burger?

When it comes to juicy, scrumptious comfort food, nothing does it quite as well as the classic beef burger. But with the countless food joints at every street corner, how do we know which beef burger reigns supreme? With this burning question in mind, we set out trying to find the best beef burger in town so that you don't have to.

12-01-2021 / by Master Admin
Franchise Spotlight

Owning a Firehouse Subs: Firehouse Franchise Fees

Firehouse Sub offers unique franchise opportunities in the food industry. With 32 corporate sites and over 1,000 franchise locations across 44 states, Firehouse Subs is constantly seeking new franchisees that can meet the brand's exquisite requirements.

11-29-2021 / by Himadri Karani Mehta
Franchise Spotlight

The Top Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities

Ice cream is the go-to frozen dessert for people all over the world. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a fantastic spring night, we all love to indulge our sweet tooth cravings. The media doesn’t fail to remind us of ice cream’s place as one of the top three comfort foods. There’s always a demand for ice cream. We have it at a children’s party, for a girls’ night in, or as dessert after a romantic date. It is suitable for every occasion.Its versatility makes it a profitable business.

11-23-2021 / by Master Admin
Franchise Spotlight

Sunbelt Business Brokers Franchise

So, you think you want to be a business owner? Well, many of us dream about the opportunity to own a business, operate it with our values of service, provide good management and employee care, and just run the show on our terms and on our time. Sunbelt Business Brokers is a franchised business affording people with dreams of business ownership the opportunity to help others with the buying and selling of companies.

11-22-2021 / by Jeanne Bellew