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Best Full-Service Restaurant Franchises for Sale

06-07-2021 by Himadri Karani Mehta
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Best Full-Service Restaurant Franchises for Sale

Running a restaurant requires grit and passion. It is capital intensive and can be high risk. Investing in a franchise reduces the risks that independent restaurant owners face in market uncertainty for a new brand. It can also reduce the initial investment needed to start your restaurant business.  

Over the years, the franchise model has gained popularity in every industry, especially food. Restaurant franchising is one of the largest, most durable, and fastest-growing industries in the franchise world. 

The Restaurant Industry

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of restaurants and bars in the United States stands at over 650,000 as of the 3rd quarter of 2020. While the coronavirus pandemic has affected the restaurant industry, it has survived this pandemic with a lower-than-expected impact. 


Restaurants have been quick in changing their business model to respond to the current circumstances. From catering to food delivery services, the restaurant industry was early and agile in adopting new solutions. 


Several restaurateurs have used the COVID-19 lockdown as an opportunity to restructure their businesses and expand to new locations through franchising.


Some of the Best Restaurant Franchises Available for Sale Today

It is important to remember that franchising requires in-depth research on business models and due diligence before investing in a franchise. This article has identified some of the most award-winning business owners with the best restaurant franchises available for sale. 

Walk-On’s Bistreaux and Bar

The first Walk-On's Bistreaux and Bar opened in 2003. Over 17 years, it became a chain of restaurants recognized as the number one brand in Entrepreneur's 2020 Top New Franchise Ranking. 


This full-service family sports bar recently announced plans for opening 25 new restaurants across the country in 2021. It also announced the opening of its 50th restaurant in the first quarter of this year. 


The success of this brand through the lockdown can mostly be credited to its prompt actions. It suspended royalty payments so that its franchise owners could utilize the funds to support employees and ensure the survival of their outlets. 


Walk-On's reported that takeout is twice its pre-pandemic levels, while indoor capacity is still limited to 50% to 75%. 


Franchising fees are $60,000, while start-up costs range from $1.2 million to $2.5 million. 


Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings has been serving fans who love wings, beer, and sports, since 1982. 


With over 800 units in the United States, Buffalo Wild Wings now plans to expand into Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Middle East. This franchise restaurant has been growing swiftly and with considerable stability, even during the pandemic. 


Buffalo Wild Wings franchise opportunities have been advantageous for owners, even those with little experience running a restaurant. 


The initial franchising fee is $40,000, and the start-up cost is between $2 million and $3 million.


Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Having thrived in Japan in the 1990s, Gyu Kaku has a unique system of operating techniques that has been adapted for the United States market. 


Gyu Kaku serves a unique dining style, where customers can cook different cuts of beef, pork, seafood, and vegetables. All tables are designed to vent smoke easily. By introducing the concept of ‘the customer is the chef,’ the franchise gained a considerable fan following, which it continues to enjoy to this day. 


There are over 700 Gyu-Kaku restaurants around the world. It is quickly adding outlets in the U.S. through attractive franchise offers to interested investors. 


The franchising fee is $50,000 with an initial investment of $780,000 to $2 million.


Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom

Known for its excellent craft beers and pizzas, Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom has been in business since 1976. It has a presence in 23 states with a loyal customer base of pizza and beer lovers. 


The franchising fee is up to $40,000, while the total investment starts at $1,300,000. 


The Melting Pot Restaurants

Melting Pot first opened its doors in 1975 in Florida. The fondue pots are extremely popular amongst all ages of diners. 


The company claims to have an average annual U.S. volume per unit that tops $1.78 million. They also have a 95% franchisee renewal rate. The restaurant is known for its brand recognition and the extended support it lends to the franchise owners.


The initial Franchising fee is $45,000, and the initial investment ranges from $1.4 million to $1.9 million. 


Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar

Pennsylvania-based Arooga's Grille House and Sports Bar is a relatively young brand offering restaurant franchises for sale. The first Arooga's restaurant was launched in 2008. Currently, it has nine franchised units in the United States. 


As it gains popularity, it is on the lookout for more investors and business owners to grow its brand and expand its reach. 


The brand offers flexibility in the size of the restaurant, making it easier for owners to start their restaurant business with a relatively small investment. 


The franchising fee is $49,500 for the first location and $37,000 for subsequent sites. Start-up costs are between $1.4 million and $2.5 million. 

Black Bear Diner

With over 25 years of experience in the food industry and 145 units in the United States, the Black Bear Diner is a fast-casual restaurant that provides sumptuous food and quick service. 


Franchise opportunities have been quickly taken up by aspiring restaurant owners who went on to enjoy considerable profits. The chain has gained popularity amongst franchise owners and customers thanks to its tasty comfort foods and fast service.  


The franchising fee is approximately $40,000, while start-up costs can be anywhere between $500,000 to $1 million. 


HuHot Mongolian Grills

HuHot was founded in 1999 in Montana by the Vap family. By 2017, the brand owned 70 locations across 18 states, with most restaurants being franchised. 


The franchising fee is $40,000, and the restaurant requires owners to have a minimum net worth of $1million. The initial investment is usually upwards of $1 million. 


Sports bars remain a popular restaurant establishment as they combine food, sports, fun, and family.

Twin Peaks Restaurant 

Twin Peaks is a popular chain of sports bars based in Texas. Founded in 2005, the chain currently operates out of 78 locations in 24 states. This chain is looking for business-savvy franchisees to extend its reach. 


The initial franchise fee is $50,000, and the initial start-up costs range from $1.4 million to $3.6 million. 


Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

Maryland-based Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille has been a strong player in the food franchise industry. Because of the ingenuity and applicability of its business model, Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille brand has been growing even in adverse market conditions like the pandemic. 


It has a franchising fee of $45,000, and initial start-up costs range from $1.1 million to $1.8 million. 


Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

Started in 1971 by the late Jim Mellody, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is an amicable restaurant that maintains kid and family-friendly decorum, with strict rules like no pool tables or hard liquor. 


a time when sports bars and hangout joints were all the rave around the country, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s brought a refreshing change. 


After being acquired by FSC in 1998, the restaurant expanded to 40 locations within two years. Currently, there are over 250 locations, both nationally and internationally. 


Investing in this franchise requires a capital ranging between $500,000 and $600,000, depending on location, as well as real estate and construction costs. 


Serving Up A New Career

Building up a restaurant chain takes time and involves considerable capital and risk. By investing in one of the best restaurant franchises, business owners can minimize their risks. 


A franchise offers brand recognition and other support that can help restaurant owners grow faster and earn larger profits. But restaurant franchises do require a significant investment in the form of franchise fees. 


As with any business plan, it is important to consider the pros and cons before investing in a restaurant franchise.


Franchise opportunities in the food industry are often excellent ways to enter or expand and be successful in this competitive industry. 


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