Franchisee Guide

Franchisee Guide

Benefits of Buying a Home-based Business for Sale

Any business that does not require an office, retail, or industrial space can be adapted to work from home. With technological advancements ensuring that the majority of the US population has steady access to the internet, anyone with an internet-connected device has the potential to become a franchisee. Let's take a look at the top benefits of buying a home-based business for sale.

07-23-2021 / by Sarah Petersen
Franchisee Guide

How to Create a Cash Flow Statement [With Free Template]

Our last post on cash flow covered how to read a cash flow statement and why it’s important. This post will cover how to construct the statement of cash flows using the indirect method, which is used for accrual accounting. Even with an accountant on staff, this is something every small business owner should know how to do. Download our free cash flow statement template to understand in-depth how the numbers of the statement come together.

07-21-2021 / by Sam Walker
Franchisee Guide

How to Check Your SBA Loan Status

If you already have one or have applied for an SBA loan, you probably want to check your loan status.  


Trying to find out your loan status can feel like searching in a deep dark never-ending hole.  Your plans, whether maintaining the business you have or starting a new one, are on hold, and you, understandably, want to know how and when you can move forward.


The following will give you resources to effectively check your application status with the SBA, including current SBA loans such as 7 (a), microloans, 504 loans, EIDL (Emergency Injury Disaster Loan) loans, and PPP (Payment Protection Program) loans.

07-07-2021 / by Jeanne Bellew
Franchisee Guide

Expense Reduction Guide for Your Franchise

Whether in good times or in bad, keeping an open eye for saving money will always be a good strategy. This means checking all processes and recognizing inefficiencies or redundancies. Once removed from the equation, this will create a more effective and profitable franchise business for you, your partners, and your employees. But what is the right approach? And where do you start?

07-01-2021 / by Dimitar Chatleski
Franchisee Guide

6 Ways To Balance Mental Health And Business Ownership

If you’re a business owner, you’re going to need to learn how to balance your mental health with the demands of your business. An excellent way to do that is by practicing self-care. Self-care dramatically reduces adrenaline and cortisol levels in your body, two stress hormones that can wreak havoc on your body and mind.

06-24-2021 / by Norm Tedford